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What basic points you prefer while buying gloves.

Before buying any type of gloves you must keep some important things in mind.

1- Do the glove’s leather; synthetic leather or other material is free from harmful and forbidden chemicals. Mostly people don’t have any awareness about this, These harmful chemicals such as AZO, Pcp and Benzedrine are used in tanning of leather and dyeing process for the material of the gloves like synthetic leather, spandex, lycra, interlock, Mesh etc, Certainly these can cause your hand skin severe infections like Eczema, Swelling on finger tips and forchette areas, etc, Hence the gloves like Nitrile and latex have poor hygiene as the surface of these materials do not let Air pass through them., so they are also not human skin friendly. Whenever you buy gloves, ask if this gloves is human skin friendly and without any material or leather that contain harmful chemical.

2- Size and Fitting is also very important thing to be notice, If you are going to buy some sports gloves like Baseball gloves or Golf gloves or even you are going for some mechanics work, than you need very perfect fitting gloves so it can act as upper layer of your skin, but it also let you feel the sensitivity of the objects specially for those jobs that need very strict assembly work. While for Industrial, Gardening and welding we prefer to buy little larger size than your exact fitting. From Sports to Safety each category has its own sizes range, further more few customers demand their own sizing chart.

3- You should never neglect safety issue if you are going to buy safety, mechanics or sports gloves, you must see the basic design and if the gloves fulfill your requirements to keep safe while doing your job or playing your favorite sports. Leather gloves are best when it comes to safety, but for mechanics and some other sports synthetic leather or spandex is good choice as they provide great flexibility, comfort and keep your hands safe. It should provide you extra grip in your sport or during safety work.

4- Durability is also a main thing that mostly people ignore it. The basic thing is the design and how the gloves are manufactured, what materials are used, and how long they will last. You can check gloves stitching, For small test you can stretch it from top to cuff side and than in thumb to palm side. It will help you to understand the gloves strength. (We have heard somewhere that some countries are using dogs leather, I don’t know that if it is acceptable or not but one thing for sure that such type of leather are far less than normal cattle animals, like Cowhide that is considered world most accept form of leather due to its qualities, So the sheepskin, goatskin are also good.

Design is very important factor, thanks to designers who are bringing new designs, and new techniques of printing, embroidering, embossing, combination of different materials and colors, Even in safety industry it is now considered that the gloves should fulfill the fashion requirements. After all it is part of your personality so why to buy old styles of gloves. But never sacrifice other aspects just on design.

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I have devoted my life in designing the gloves of different fields like Safety, Mechanics and Sports. Specially in uderstanding and trying new techniques, materials and printing techniques.