Electrical Discharge Machining – Featured EDM: CS20 Manual RAM EDM

The EDM process is basic and simple in one operation and then intricate and complex in another. One machine can blast out the metal while another can cut to the highest tolerances. Sometimes you have to do both on the same machine and that’s why you should know what the best available EDM machines are in the industry.

Featured Machine: CS-20 Manual RAM EDM

The CS-20 Manual RAM EDM is an economical, rugged, and compact floor-standing machine tool. Its audible edge find and dither controls enable fast, accurate workpiece set-ups.It’s work piece capacity is 500 pounds and it has a precision cast iron XY table with Turcite lined dovetail ways. The CS-20 Manual RAM EDM also has higher metal removal rates and is exceptional with both graphite and metallic electrodes. Below are some additional features the CS-20 Manual EDM has to offer:

  • Rigid cast iron quill-type ram with 6.375×4″ platen to accept a V-block or precision tooling
  • High-response AC servo and ballscrew drive
  • Dial indicator infeed device,.001″ resolution, depth limit stop and auto- matic ram retract cycle
  • High-flow dielectric fluid system in- cluding reservoir, pump and 5 micron filter
  • Flushing controls for pressure, worktank bypass and fluid level
  • Fluid level safety switch, transparent worktank door and guards with gap power interlock
  • High-performance 32-peak amp H-pulse power supply (64-peak amp optional)
  • Ammeter and percent on-time/efficiency meters
  • Automatic DC arc protection system with Gap Monitor LED
  • Ram cycler provides automatic retract/advance movement for blind cavity flushing

For more information about the CS-20 Manual RAM EDM please visit HansvedtEDM.com

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Hansvedt is a full service manufacturer of ram and wire EDM systems for tool and die shops, mold shops and plants of any size.

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