Eminence of selecting the apt manufacturer for Industrial Pumps, Industrial Filtration Equipment and Chemical Pumps

When it comes to industrial pumps, chemical pumps, industrial filtration equipment, there are a galore of manufacturers and suppliers available to provide you with the latest devices available in the market.

There are many manufacturers who provide custom designed pumping solutions for any pumping requirement. But the most important aspect is how to choose or select the authentic and reliable manufacturer or supplier. The solution is to figure out about the details of its manufacturing and also find out the over all performance and kind of customers it has.

A good manufacturer of industrial pumps will be offering highly efficient & advanced technology, solution engineering, life long performance in addition to excellent service support making the company a natural preferred choice of pump users for industrial pumping requirements. It would also offer customer-support services from highly skilled technicians within 24 – 48 hours of reporting. A world class manufacturer will never compromise on quality and will use excellent quality of raw materials to ensure best of products.

A reputed industrial pumps and chemical pumps manufacturer makes every effort to cater to the needs of its industry and is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of quality of products by meeting the international quality standards and carry one of the most comprehensive and complete lines of industrial pumps, chemical pumps and industrial filtration equipments with most orders shipped within twenty four hours.

One such manufacturer is JH Process Equipment Inc. With over two decades of expertise in manufacturing Industrial Pumps, Industrial Filtration Equipment, Chemical Pumps and Valves, JH Process has earned the accolades of its customers since its inception. Driven by passion and integrity towards its work, the company has truly created a stable and secure position in the market. They are known for their excellent customer service and their involvement with the clients. They also provide consultation along with their products so that they can guide their customers to choose the required products. Be it industrial pumps, chemical pumps, industrial filtration equipment, JH Process has created a niche in the market for each of its product. It offers ideal solution for pumping liquids.

If you want to know more about JH Process and its products log on to http://www.jhprocess.com

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JH Process is also known for the best Industrial Pumps Suppliers and Filtration Equipment Suppliers and has built strong relationship with customers.

The Hazards of Occupational Noise Exposure

Occupational noise hazard are frequently ignored by most workers as well as employers because it is invisible. They prioritize visible hazards such like fire, hazardous chemical, compressed gases, falls, slips and electric hazards. They think these hazards could be harmful to workers’ safety and health directly. However, most worker and employers do not realize that occupational noise will do the same. The differences are only on delay and indirect effect.

We understand that long-term exposure of high occupational noise will not hurt worker’s leg like fall accident. But they do not realize that the soft tissue inside the ears will be damaged and occupational noise hazard can cause permanent damaged to worker’s hearing ability.

Of course it takes time to see the effect of high noise level hazard to worker’s hearing ability, since it depends on noise level and exposure time. Each country in the world may have determined its own permissible noise exposure level (dB) and exposure time.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Hearing loss is the most severe effect of loud occupational noise, although it is not a painful effect. Generally, there are several symptoms that accompany hearing loss. It could be muted sounding voices, ringing felt inside the ears, which is evident in silent places, and feeling of strain inside the ears.

Inner ears damage may remain even though hearing loss symptoms are weaken. The condition will get worse if exposure to hazardous occupational noise level is continued.

Workers who have already suffered hearing loss will face big problem for their individual and family life. Workers’ life will be saddening, stressful and frustrating.

After knowing the occupational noise hazards, the next step that we should do is to identify dangerous noise level sources in the plant site and take necessary counter measures to control the hazards. Put safety signs that show noise level (dB) of these sources in order to remind the workers.

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Lukman Nulhakiem is a chemical engineer who has many experiences in hazard recognition and hazard control studies. Learn more about safety tips for workplaces, visit his blog safety blog.

Fall Arrest is so important!

Fall Arrest is Important!

Fall arrest companies specialise in ensuring that it is no laughing matter, but still there are many amusing jokes about it. Enjoy these:

1. I don’t have a fear of heights. I do, however, have a fear of falling from heights.

2. A man is fibbing away about how great things are in his country. Finally, he starts describing the tall buildings in his country.

“There is a building so tall, it took my friend Alex 72 hours to fall off it!”

“Oh, my God!” says his friend. “Surely he must have died!”

“Of course. He was without food or water for 3 days!

3. What do you call post-impressionism coupled with a fear of heights? Verti-Gogh

4. How to find out how tall a building is.

The theory is that you can easily calculate the height of a building, simply by finding the top, and working down from there. So…….

Step one:

Find a person with vertigo (fear of heights) and give them a barometer.

Step two:

Tell them to place it on the very top of the building to be measured.

……..Now there are many measurements one can take at this point which will quite accurately indicate the height of the building.

Step three:

1. Measure the volume of the sound caused by the person’s knees knocking together. The taller the building the louder the knocking.

2. Or attach electrodes to your subject and then measure the EEG reading at the moment immediately after placing the barometer on top of the building and glancing down for the first time.

3. Measure the depth of the crater created when they land, after having seen how high they were when they put the barometer on top of the building.

4. Measure the resistance you encounter the next time you ask them to assist you in a scientific experiment.

Seriously though if you don’t like heights don’t take any chances. Rather call a professional fall arrest company to carry out your ‘high tasks’ like gutter cleaning. They have the correct fall protection gear and know how to do things safely like eye bolt testing and safety equipment checks. Play it safe – falling is actually no joke!

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Fall arrest is important as it saves lives! Falling from height kills, don’t take chances!

Guidelines for MIG welding aluminum

MIG welding is a kind of arc welding that uses a metal electrode to match the alloy of the work section and an inert gas to transfer oxygen from the weld region. MIG welding is the most suitable welding technique for aluminum, with the exception of particularly thin aluminum sheeting.

MIG welding is a kind of arc welding that uses a metal electrode to match the alloy of the work section and an inert gas to transfer oxygen from the weld region. MIG welding is the most suitable welding technique for aluminum, with the exception of particularly thin aluminum sheeting. MIG welding aluminum needs more practice and skill than welding steel.

Prepare the surfaces of the aluminum elements by cleaning the exterior with a solvent, then using the wire brush to remove any oxides. This removes any constituent part and impurities and prevents them from becoming trapped in the weld.

Clutch the electrode at a 10- to 15-degree angle from the vertical, sharp toward the way of the weld. It is significant to use the push process when MIG welding aluminum. The pull process would prevent the argon gas from sufficiently covering the weld, resulting in an inconsistent weld.

Make a pool of molten aluminum with the electrode and gradually push the electrode forward. Regulate the voltage of the welding machine to get spray transfer of the aluminum electrode. In spray transfer, the electrode release small droplets of the metal into the weld. This will results in a smooth weld and the droplets do not get in the way with the electrode arc.

Adjust the movement speed of the electrode as the aluminum work part heats up to retain a consistent weld width. If a big fillet weld is requisite, make several thin passes as different to one thick pass, which has the potential to burn through the material.

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No More Trips And Falls With Linebacker Cable Protectors

Electric cables and hose lines are too valuable to be neglected. Today, cable management and protection from damage and abuse from crossing vehicles and pedestrian traffic is made easy with the Linebacker Cable Protector.

If you hate the disheveled look of wires and cords all over the workplace and if you are concerned for the safety of both your employees and customers, Linebacker Cable Protector is perfect for your cable management needs because it works by separating and organizing each cable line in its very own protection channel.

Protecting your cables

Checkers Industrial offers only the most durable protectors for organizing and keeping unruly cables out of sight. With effective cable management, you can protect your hose lines from machinery, passing vehicles, pedestrian traffic and even avoid dangerous situations brought about by pets chewing on the cables.

One of Checkers Industrial most popular line of cable protectors is Linebacker’s Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable Protector. It protects cables and hose lines of up to 1.25 inches in diameter, from damage brought about by the weight of heavy trucks and forklifts in various industrial environments.

There is no need to worry about heavy-duty cable management because this is made of polyurethane, which gives it the ability to withstand vehicle weight of up to 20,150 lbs/tire. There is no question in the level of safety it can bring you because it has a T-shaped connector which interlocks modular sections and its hinged lid makes placing and removing cables easy. The cable protector also has a patented 5 bar tread surface that gives the maximum traction it needs so that vehicles and pedestrians can cross safely.

Proper installation

Transportation, setting up, disassembly and storage of the Linebacker Heavy Duty Cable Protector is a snap because it is lightweight and the carrying handle is strategically located on the underside. Safety warning symbols are already molded into the cable protector’s surface so the need to look at the instruction manual every now and then is already eliminated. When it comes to choosing the cable cover to use however, you first need to consider the size and number of cables you are planning to protect, and the weight and abuse they will most likely go through. The end caps taper the cable protector to the ground or floor. The left and right hand turns are oriented in a 45 degree angle, which gives you additional configuration by creating a jog to fit any surface and corners. The Linebacker also complies with the 2008 National Electrical Code thus, only proving that effective and safe cable management is its sole objective.

Where to use

The Linebacker Cable Protector guarantees fast and easy cable management and at the same time, provides protection for valuable hose and cable lines against uncertain weather conditions, heavy vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Cable protectors are ideally utilized in construction industries, concerts, amusement parks or other events where cables are prone to heavy loads and abuse. Aside from that, there is no need to worry about the safety of pedestrians, employees and customers because these cable protectors can keep all your cables and hose lines neatly and in an organized manner. Trust in Linebacker Cable Protectors for your cable safety needs.

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The author of this article has expertise in Linebacker Cable Protectors. The articles on electrical cables reveals the author’s knowledge on the same. The author has written many articles on Linebacker Cable Protectors as well.

Office Cleaning London City Centre

Sloane cleaning was established in 1980, to offer trustworthy, reliable and flexible commercial cleaning services in London. In today’s uncertain world transparent pricing plans can create great ease of mind – Sloane don’t slip in any hidden costs, just honest to goodness office cleaning. London City Centre is a bustling, expensive place to live and work, so it’s great to know what to expect from your bill. External staff are also more cost effective than in house staff, as well as being meticulous and exacting, held to extremely high standards. It also reduces the hassle of managing and organising an extra member of staff, as well as extra payroll expenses. All cleaners get supervised and have recurrent quality checks to make sure their work is up to standard.

Services can include weekly deep cleans, ideal if you encourage your staff to do basic house keeping throughout the working week. Sloane’s high quality cleaning staff will come in and vacuum, dust, polish, all using top shelf cleaning products and equipment. Health and safety will never be an issue given Sloane’s standard of work. Sloane’s extremely thorough carpet cleaning will help asthmatics, as all dust is cleaned away using healthier, eco friendly cleaning products. Hot carbonate extraction is another method, more of dry cleaning and steam cleaning is another excellent solution to get soft furnishings in tip top condition, regardless of spilt coffee and canteen crumbs. However Sloane’s eco friendly cleaning techniques are better for the environment as well as the health of staff, customers, and their cleaners.

No one can work well if their vision is clouded, so regular window cleaning is a must for staff morale and efficiency. Discretion is Sloane’s watchword, and it can be undertaken outside of office hours for your convenience. Water fed poles will also reduce the distraction to your staff during essential maintenance chores, whilst maintaining a carbon neutral technique. All staff are fully insured and trained in the latest techniques, to minimise your costs and save you time in every eventuality.

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Welcome to Sloane Cleaning Services, Professional London office and commercial cleaning service providers since 1980!
There’s nothing that does as much for your company image as a clean workplace. It’s the first thing your clients notice about your company, and for your staff it will make the difference between an invigorating place to work and an unpleasant one. That’s why your choice of cleaning company is vital!

Achieve super-fine droplets with an air atomizing nozzle

The air atomizing nozzle really comes into its own for the many industrial processes where liquids must be atomised into fine
droplets. While standard air nozzles may achieve this by forcing the liquid trough a very small orifice under high pressure, this severely limits the
flow rates that can be achieved. And because very small nozzles are more easily clogged, there’s also a risk of costly process disruption. That’s why,
for most purposes where very small droplets are needed over a wide range of flow rates, the answer lies in the use of air atomising nozzles.

Different types of atomising nozzle

There are two main types: standard versions (air assisted atomisation) work because the impact of a high velocity compressed air stream shears liquids.
The extent of atomisation can be taken further by the use of ultrasonic sound. Ultrasonic atomising nozzles use a two-stage process to atomise a
liquid: first, the liquid passes through several orifices before being subjected to the shearing action of the high velocity airflow. The second stage
involves a resonator that generates ultrasonic sound waves to break the already-tiny particles into an even finer spray.

The benefits of ultrasonic atomizer nozzles

When compared to hydraulic or air assisted atomizing, ultrasonic atomisation offers several important advantages:

  • Finer droplets than by pressure atomisation (approx. 20 Micron diameter)
  • Low flow rates (down to 1.0 litres/hr).
  • An air atomizing nozzle can achieve very narrow spray patterns.
  • Avoidance of costly nozzle clogging.
  • Very low drop velocity (approximately one-hundredth the velocity of hydraulic or air-assisted nozzles).

The SPXA atomizing nozzle

This nozzle derivative produces eight different types of spray, achieved by using interchangeable air and fluid caps to give specific spray set-ups for
different purposes. Both pressure-fed and siphon-fed versions are available, as well as nozzles with integral clean out and shut off assemblies, and
non-drip versions. All these features give enhanced functionality and help the supplier tailor the most appropriate solution for a client’s process.

Applications for an air atomizer nozzle

Typical applications include dust suppression, spray drying, odour control, humidification, product coating (often in conjunction with conveyor belts),
product and gas cooling. Air atomizing nozzles are particularly well-suited to high-viscosity liquids.

The design, specification and installation of atomizer nozzles is a very specialised area of precision engineering. Only the suppliers with particular expertise in air atomization spraying should be entrusted with this type of project. It’s worth making the effort: the correct choice of air atomizing nozzle really can have a huge impact on long-term process performance.

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Selecting a supplier

A good supplier should also offer anything from flat fan nozzles to hollow cone nozzles etc.


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In recent years,Replica watches, new developments in the international community reinforced thermoplastics pipes up RTP has a unique advantage: the ability to withstand high working pressure, are corrosion-resistant, and also to maintain and HDPE pipes may be similar to the flexibility and welding of. Current oil and gas exploration, a variety of areas of high pressure pipes has been to promote the application of forecasting the development of broad prospects.
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In recent years,Replica watches, new developments in the international community reinforced thermoplastics pipes up RTP has a unique advantage: the ability to withstand high working pressure, are corrosion-resistant, and also to maintain and HDPE pipes may be similar to the flexibility and welding of. Current oil and gas exploration, a variety of areas of high pressure pipes has been to promote the application of forecasting the development of broad prospects.

Belt conveyors are key machines in modern industrial processes

Conveyor belts are utilized to transport a great assortment of products/materials along horizontal, declining or maybe inclining pathways. Conveyor belts tend to be the most frequently utilised conveying machines presently mainly because of the massive amount of resources you can use it to move not to mention the variety associated with it’s style and design.

Conveyors can potentially save manufacturing companies a lot of cash on manual labour costs. The particular assembly line technique of production began during the early 1900s, particularly with the automobile industries getting into bulk production. Individuals having the capability to do their bit and then transfer the part or product to another point on the assembly line with out leaving their post translates to much more finished products by the finish of the shift.

A few of the advantages are:

  • A belt conveyor is among the least expensive and the most reliable approaches to transport components long distances.
  • There’s no scratches to your product due to conveying.
  • A belt conveyor can have changes in angle of incline/decline.
  • The product can be observable on the belt when being conveyed.
  • Belt conveyors may be positioned just about any position along the belt.

As mentioned above, a belt conveyor would definitely help almost any organization reduce labor expense. The very first belt conveyor systems came to exist in the early section of the 20th century as industrialisation in addition to producing improved enormously. The automotive industry was the primary to comprehend the opportunity of belt-driven conveyor systems; they assisted to further improve productiveness as tradesmen could stand in one location whereas the partly put together autos were moved from place to place within the factory with the minimum of effort.

You may make a belt conveyor more efficient with the help of preventive maintenance. Good care of just about any component of machinery may help keep it working at the best efficiency and also reduce the costs of probable repairs. While some components of a conveyor system will need to be swapped out sometime, for example the belts themselves, many of the pricey elements usually are considerably less prone to corrosion.

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To learn more about belt conveyors and other conveyor machinery visit Packaging Central.

Choosing to Outsource with UK Chemical Manufacturers

If you want to deal with large chemical manufacturers, UK options are plentiful. UK companies can provide contracts with companies all over the world who need to outsource their chemical manufacturing. From dyes to polymers to acids, chemical manufacturers can produce chemicals in bulk to meet a company’s production standards. But how do you choose whether or not to outsource your company’s chemical manufacturing? If your company doesn’t have the capacity for proper manufacturing, then outsourcing is an obvious choice. The following is some things to consider when deciding to outsource chemical manufacturing in the UK.

Chemical Process and Product Development

A reputable chemical manufacturing plant in the UK should have innovative and ever-improving chemical processes and developments. This includes being able to develop a customer-based production plan for chemicals, and creating the amount needed on a per-client basis. The manufacturing plant should offer you all stages of chemical production, including analysing, developing, producing, and shipping the chemicals for a commercial business.

Chemical recovery is a process that not every company is capable of performing. Outsourcing for chemical recovery can help companies save money and yield higher product gain. By recovering a chemical agent used to create another chemical, a chemical manufacturer can help a company save millions of dollars by not having to reproduce the recovered chemical agent from scratch.

Chemical Manufacturers Client Relations and Cost

Outsourcing to chemical manufacturers, UK means that international companies do not have the advantage of working locally. So it’s important that your company outsources to a manufacturing plant with solid customer service skills. These skills include good communication, the ability to manufacture what you need now and in the future, and taking your costs into account when developing and processing chemicals.

A chemical manufacturing company should be innovative and explore their continued efforts and research on chemical production and manufacturing with clients. It’s important to choose a chemical production company that understands your needs and has the equipment and storage capabilities to proficiently handle your order.

Cost is another aspect to consider when outsourcing chemical production. A chemical manufacturer can be a drain on a company if it doesn’t meet the required timeline or doesn’t use innovative processes. The manufacturing plant should also use the most cost-effective shipping practices to save you money on shipping costs.

Whether you need chemicals manufactured for sale, recovered chemicals to increase yield, or a new process developed to increase simplicity and timeliness in your chemical manufacturing, outsourcing is a viable option. And with so many companies working globally, anyone can take advantage of reputable chemical manufacturers. UK local manufacturers or a UK manufacturer if you’re international might make good business sense.

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Learn more about http://www.witton.com, recognised UK chemical manufacturers. UK Businesses have been using Witton’s chemical manufacturing and supply services since 1962.