Haitoglou Bros remove oversize and undersize contamination from sesame seeds in one process whilst maintaining high throughputs.

Since 1924 Greek food manufacturers Haitoglou Bros have been dedicated to producing high quality products. Their accumulated experience and advanced manufacturing facilities, have geared their production capabilities to meet the highly complex and exacting demands created within their domestic and international markets. This has been accomplished while steadfastly adhering to the fundamental company policies of traditional preparation methods combined with the exclusive use of high quality raw materials.

To ensure the quality of their sesame seed products and improve productivity, Haitoglou Bros approached Russell Finex with a challenge. To separate the ‘good’ sesame seeds from the soft peels with their sieves whilst simultaneously removing smaller broken particles.

The Finex Separator sieves, fitted with their unique Cascade System, have proved to be the ideal solution for Haitoglou Bros screening problems. This allows Haitoglou to effectively remove the large foreign material on the sieves first mesh screen, collect the good product (sesame seeds) from the second screen and eliminate the peels on the third screen.
Separating the seeds from the oversize and undersize material was the primary objective for the screener sieves. This operation has now been successfully achieved by the in-line installation of several FINEX Separators that work efficiently meeting Haitoglou Bros’ expectations.

Haitoglou Bros needed a solution to its screening problems that offered substantial throughput rates. Russell Finex state that extensive performance trials with the Finex Separator sieves have shown that at least twice the capacity can be achieved with most materials with the same accuracy of separation when compared with standard separator designs.

The sieves vibrator housing has been specifically designed to achieve maximum capacity. The specially designed vibrator housing translates much more power into the sieving area than standard separators and keeps the mesh screen clear of oversize material by consistently removing it via an oversize outlet.

Russell’s adjustable weight system allows Haitoglou Bros to create a more vigorous action, raising screening and separation efficiency. Consistent material flow is now possible over all three decks giving greater separation accuracy.

Haitoglou Bros have increased their capacity further through the use of a cascade system sieves. This effectively doubles the screening area of any single deck. As the seeds fall onto the mesh good product passes through the apertures and onto the next stage. Any material that is not screened is allowed to fall over the end of this smaller mesh screen onto a larger diameter screen below. Any remaining ‘good’ product passes through the mesh apertures and oversize material is removed via an oversize outlet.

The Finex Separator fits neatly into production lines, providing very high screening capacities without requiring excessive floor space. The modular nature of the decking contributes to flexibility and the optimum use of space. The oversize discharge outlets can be moved around a machine’s circumference, giving Haitoglou Bros freedom in the location of material collection points.

Rubber suspension mounts make the Finex Separator sieves far quieter in operation than separators fitted with springs. The provision of four rubber feet also contributes to a low noise level, compared to machines with metal plates in direct contact with the floor which may set up vibrations. This improves the working environment for Haitoglou Bros operators and exceeds health and safety regulations regarding noise levels.

Easy to install and maintain, Finex Separators are constructed from stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and therefore no risk of contamination. Downtime is also reduced between batch changes and the units are simple to assemble and disassemble.

Manufactured at RussellĀ¹s ISO9001 accredited factory, the versatile Finex Separator is available in a choice of sizes to meet a wide range of capacity requirements and match the specific application needs of their customers.

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